Monday, January 13, 2014

Do You Have a Realistic Retirement Plan?

Do You Have a Realistic Retirement Plan?

The unfortunate reality in America today is that after years of hard work and investing, a staggering number of retirees continue to face the ugly ordeal of outliving their savings. In fact, studies tell us that the number one fear of Americans, above everything else – even including a terrorist attack – is running out of retirement income. 

What I find even more alarming is that most pundits seem to blame this predicament squarely on the average investor – for, apparently, not saving nearly enough or failing to diversify properly. While that may be true in some instances, based on my eye-witness observations into thousands of retirement plans over the course of my career, I tend to believe the overarching reason preventing millions of folks from enjoying the financially stress-free retirements they envisioned is unrealistic and flawed financial advice. One might expect that, as is usually the case in college and professional sports, as well as almost every other enterprise, the coach (or financial counselor, in this case) would face some intense scrutiny and be held accountable for what is clearly a dismal outcome.

Here’s the bottom line: Is it realistic to leave the money earmarked for your certain-to-arrive retirement at the whim of a stock market whose exact next moves no financial expert on the planet can predict? Of course, we always hope for the best outcome. But will hope ever change the fundamental truth about how the markets work?

For the record, I’m not suggesting that you avoid the stock market. I am, however, suggesting that you have a realistic expectation of how things might turn out and resist the temptation to invest your retirement nest egg as though it were an optional luxury – unless, of course, it really is.

Did you know there is a proven investing strategy that will allow you to make gains up to a certain cap when the markets go up, with the ability to lock in your gains each year so that your retirement won’t be in jeopardy, should the market dip? Additionally, you can guarantee a specific lifetime income for you (and your spouse), regardless of what the stock market does and irrespective of how long you both end up living. What is particularly interesting here is that you may plan in such a way that if the markets outperform your guarantees, you can still benefit from the uptick, but if things don’t turn out so well, you can rest assured of a certain guaranteed lifetime income.

I can only speculate, but might the millions whose retirement lives stand devastated or those who are losing sleep over the possibility of outliving their savings have appreciated knowing about some of these options? While many so-called financial advisors are, quite frankly, in denial and will only tell their clients about the specific products offered by their firms, in the end you must do what you think is best and realistic for you.

Even if you are already retired, an objective and independent Laser Financial Group professional can review your existing plan and offer you suggestions to help ensure your secure retirement. Simply call 877.656.9111 or visit to schedule your complimentary session today!

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