Monday, January 27, 2014

Did You Lose Money in Last Week's Market Drop? You Didn't Have To! Here's Why

Did you lose money in last week's market drop? You didn't have to! Here's why

Last week wasn’t a good one for the stock market, to say the least, with the DOW dipping more than 300 points on Friday alone. But is that really a big deal? I mean, what else should anyone expect the stock market to be doing? Keep going up all the time?

Of course, I understand what it means: some folks are losing hard-earned money that is earmarked for their retirement. But let’s look at reality here. When your money is invested directly in the stock market, is what happened on Friday out of the ordinary?

If you are calling your advisor looking for the exit because you think the market is in some kind of a freefall, I can understand. But the fact of the matter is that you’ve had the wrong investment strategy all along.

It’s rather unfortunate, but many unsuspecting folks have fallen victim to having an unrealistic and completely bogus expectation of how the stock market works. The only expectation you can count on when it comes to the market is that it will either go up or down. So, on the one hand, things could turn out really well and you could make a boatload of money; but there is also the opposite possibility that your investments won’t be very successful, to the point that you could end up losing everything. That’s hard to swallow, but again we are talking reality and the true range of possibilities here.

If you are unwilling to live within those extreme possibilities, perhaps you should consider investing in a way that will enable you to make money up to a certain cap when the market goes up, but will protect you from losing anything when weeks like last week happen – which is entirely likely at some point during your investing life.

Personally, I think we might have a little less drama and people could go about their daily lives more smoothly if so-called financial advisors and media money experts gave folks the straight facts and enabled them to consider the full range of investment possibilities. 
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