Monday, April 14, 2014

Is Now a Good Time to Be in the Stock Market?

Is Now a Good Time to Be in the Stock Market?

Undoubtedly, this is among the most frequent questions I hear in almost every setting I find myself, once someone discovers my line of work – especially following an economic downturn.

And it’s an understandable question – because you no doubt want to make sure that you don’t lose a penny of your hard-earned savings. Besides, many talking heads in the financial press are notorious for giving directions about how and when to jump into the market. In fact, a lot of so-called financial advisors bank their careers on “specializing” (notice the quotation marks) in telling you just when to strike, don’t they?

You can probably guess my view on this subject, so let me cut to the chase. Trying to figure out when is a good time – and by implication, when is not a good time – to invest in the stock market is a terrible waste of time and one of the most dangerous concepts on which you could ever base you future financial security.   

Here’s why: 
No one knows exactly where the markets are headed in the foreseeable future. Not even the savviest investment advisor or market watcher. Not a single soul!  
Over the course of history, many “financial scientists” who have claimed to have some secret formula that allows them to make those kinds of determinations have, time and again, ended up doing just the complete opposite – and losing fortunes in the process.

Usually, folks who invest around this question tend to get into the market when things are on the up and up, hoping (the key word here is hoping) to get out just before things start to go south. But is that what usually happens? Of course, not. They seldom manage to get out of the market until it has already dipped.

Becoming a successful investor doesn’t rise to the level of rocket science. That I can tell you for a fact. But it has a lot do with good old common sense and knowing exactly how much risk you can and cannot live with. If you do otherwise, you’ll most likely end up stressed a great deal of the time, and maybe even a broke retiree. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Call us today and find out how you can avoid this path to financial ruin! 877.656.9111

And to my colleagues in the financial profession still playing the game of assigning good and bad times to jump into the stock market, do you seriously believe you have the ability to do that?  Isn’t the better idea that you quit playing with people’s future livelihoods?
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