Monday, October 1, 2012

Software Makes It Easy to Take an Inventory of Your Personal Possessions

Software makes it easy to take an inventory of your personal possessions

Do you have an accurate, up-to-date inventory of all of your personal possessions? That’s a pretty straightforward question, isn’t it? Yes, or…?

Okay I realize this may not be the most flamboyant assumption, but bear with me for just a second and explore the unfortunate scenario that your house were burglarized or destroyed. Would you be able to accurately generate an accounting of all your personal possessions? I think you get the point I’m trying to make.
Why this discussion today? Of course, we are all busy folks. But failure to have an accurate accounting of your personal possessions could have serious consequences (from delays, to being paid less than the items’ worth, to outright denial of claim) in the event that you had to file an insurance claim or report property losses to the IRS. So I’d say a properly substantiated accounting will breed less drama and greater peace of mind. Besides, without knowing the proper value of what you own, you risk being underinsured.
You may want to check out the Insurance Information Institute’s online homeinventory software.  I personally like this software because it literally walks you through your house, room by room (with prompts), helping you document everything you own. Of course, you have to name the rooms. You can upload your receipts, any appraisal reports, or take actual photos of the items and attach them to the inventory. Obviously, since it’s online, you don’t run the risk of having this information lost, destroyed, or stolen. You can also create the inventory with an app on your smartphone, if you’d like. Great thing about it is that it’s totally free.
I must mention that I have no affiliation or agreement with this organization and do not stand to benefit in any way, should you decide to use this application. It’s just that in my professional practice over the years, I have seen enough unintended consequences – some of them pretty devastating when folks were unprepared.

As always, I’m simply looking out for your interests.
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