Monday, June 18, 2012

FACT: There’s Absolutely Nothing Wrong With the Stock Market

FACT: There’s Absolutely Nothing Wrong With the Stock Market

It is an understatement to say that most retirement investors are worried – and nervous. They just don’t know if the stock market is going or coming. If this generally describes you, know that I’d feel exactly the same way too (if not worse), if I were in your shoes.

However, Let’s Face Reality

The fact of the matter is that the stock market isn’t doing anything it’s not supposed to do. Sure, you may have wanted the market to do something else, but every investor who decides to dabble in the stock market must understand that the only realistic thing about the market is that it fluctuates – up and down.
So there always are two possibilities: On the one hand, you can make a ton of money practically overnight, and on the other, you could end up losing everything, including your seed money. Being human, I would always prefer the first possibility – but no matter how much or how hard I hope, it still only amounts to hoping. As a certified instructor who’s trained hundreds of other financial practitioners, and after spending almost two decades helping clients retire successfully, the one thing I can tell you without any shade of doubt is that hope is not a strategy when it comes to retirement-income planning.
Here’s the Truth You Must Understand

The strategy you’re employing – not the market – is the reason your investment is losing money, and it’s also the thing that’s making you nervous about your chances for a comfy retired life. The stock market is just one of the symptoms of the problem with your strategy. Let that sink in for a moment, and we’ll see if the light bulb is beginning to flicker to life.
I know everyday folks just like you who do not lose even a penny of their nest eggs’ values when the stock market dips, but make money – up to a certain cap – when the market increases. Their strategy doesn’t hinge their incomes on the hope that the stock market will go up, stay up, and continue to rise. They make money when the stock market does what it’s supposed to do – rise and fall.
At the end of the day, it all boils down to one question: Can you afford to keep investing the way you are right now – based on hope? Your financial advisor (and the media) are probably telling you to hang in there because “everyone” is pretty much in the same boat. Are you buying into that bizarre theory?

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  1. Most investors seem to like the idea of making money but don't always think about the other side that they can loose their investment in a split second. I wish investors will start looking into the option of making money when the market is good and not loosing a dime when the market crashes--- too hard for most people to believe isn't it? But no, it's definitely a real fact!

    Thanks Sam and your team for continuously educating us.


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