Monday, April 2, 2012

Will Your Disappointing Retirement Planning REALLY Fix Itself?

Will your disappointing retirement planning REALLY fix itself?

Let me ask you a question – and I hope you will be honest with your answer. If you had a serious medical condition – something that could be life-threatening if it went untreated – but you caught it early enough to treat it and restore yourself to full health, would you take the steps that were guaranteed to heal you? If your answer, like most, is a resounding yes, I have another question for you: Why wouldn’t we do the same when it comes to our financial health?

Unwillingness to change for the better is something that most of us will rarely (if ever) admit we’re guilty of – especially when it comes to retirement investing. I mean, who in their right mind would not want to see their investments produce the best possible result?

To be fair, though, most financial professionals have been able to convince the investing public to accept a totally ludicrous perception: if you keep throwing money at the wrong strategy, you’ll eventually get it right. The sad truth is that many have bought into that bizarre idea.

In my experience, many of the folks I’ve met who were dissatisfied with the outcomes of their investment strategies/plans didn’t just wake up one day to learn they’d been duped. In fact, most of them knew for years that something wasn’t quite, right but for some strange reason they decided to wait it out – perhaps hoping that things might magically fix themselves?

When it comes to money (and, I think, many other things) something that’s not working now won’t suddenly begin working – won’t work in a million years – unless something changes. Regardless of your approach in the past – or your reason for hanging in there with an inefficient strategy – you no longer need to be a financial jellyfish, hoping all over with no direction. I’m telling you right now, it IS possible for you to have a plan that you know will work because it has clear, specific, and tangible benchmarks so that you can assess progress at any point in time.
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