Monday, April 9, 2012

Is YOUR Financial Advisor Telling You Everything They Can?

Is YOUR Financial Advisor Telling You Everything They Can?

One thing I’ve noticed is that lots of folks are extremely surprised to learn they hadn’t been made aware of a given financial strategy or product that is better than what they’d been using. As I interact with people, both privately and in public settings, this is a very common question I hear: “How come I’ve never heard about this?”

To be to totally honest, I tend to think that from your perspective as an investor, you should greet this as good news, because if you’d known a better way and hadn’t been using it, you’d be something of an idiot, wouldn’t you? Nevertheless, I understand that as clients, we expect our professionals to always make the absolutely best solutions available to us.
The financial planning field is a completely different animal, however. Here’s something most people may not be aware and, quite frankly, many financial advisors wouldn’t want you to know, if they had their way: A financial professional can sell you only what they are specifically licensed to sell, or the products/services the company they work for offers.

You see, unlike other fields, there are very strict and specific licensing requirements for every single product a financial professional can – or cannot – offer to you. So THE question becomes: Will your advisor tell you everything you need to know, regardless of whether it will benefit his/her pocketbook?

Of course the answer could go either way – but this may give you some insight into why financial advisors highlight certain things, while others are suppressed, sharply criticized, or perhaps never mentioned at all.
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