Monday, July 27, 2015

My Feedback on Ron Paul’s America Destruction Commercial

My Feedback on Ron Paul’s America Destruction Commercial

It’s all over the place, so you’ve probably already seen it. Former congressman Ron Paul appears in a commercial warning us about the coming "inevitable" total collapse of the American dollar – and with it, civil unrest and martial law. In fact, in his own words – or more appropriately, those of Stansberry Research, the outfit for which he is the spokesperson – this coming crisis will be “infinitely worse than the crisis of 2008”… and, of course “stocks and bonds will crash.”

To sum up both the short TV commercial and the entire 54-minute supposed warning, everything is basically going to grind to a halt and it’s going to be cataclysmic. But of course there’s a solution. Your family can survive this next crash if you buy Porter Stansberry’s America 2020: The Survival Blueprint publication for $49.50 or thereabouts.

Now here are my two cents on this.

All the commercials on TV and elsewhere seem to be suggesting that this apparent warning is coming from the former Congressman. However, when you visit the site to which the ad directs you, there’s a disclaimer – a.k.a fine print – at the bottom of the page notifying you that “Ron Paul is the spokesman for Stansberry Research, LLC.” I wonder why the commercial doesn’t make this connection up front, rather than burying it in the fine print. Could it have something to do with the fact that Porter Stansberry’s firm has a notorious reputation for making, quite frankly, outlandish claims about the destruction of our economic system and way of life that turned out to be full of hot air?

If my memory serves me, which I believe it does, this was the same outfit behind the claim that
America will totally collapse back in 2011. We are now more than halfway through 2015. The last time I checked, we are still here, in the United States of America. And we still have our economic livelihoods intact, for the most part. Now Stansberry’s firm want us to buy even more of their stuff?

As for former Congressman Ron Paul lending his credibility to this kind of message, this is a free nation, so he should go ahead and knock himself out. Personally, I will not be spending my 50 bucks or so on this so-called Survival Blueprint. I think that’ll get me couple weeks’ worth of my favorite vanilla chai latte. You draw your own conclusions.

All my best.
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