Monday, February 16, 2015

It's crucial that you know where you stand financially BEFORE you retire!

It's crucial that you know where you stand financially BEFORE you retire!

A recent post by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College regarding the findings of an HSBC retirement survey points to the troubling trend of folks coming up short, in terms of their retirement readiness i.e., not having enough money to maintain their lifestyles throughout retirement.

While this isn't surprising news, given the fact that every single piece of research in recent years has basically arrived at the same conclusion, what caught my attention and hopefully yours, as well is that of the startling number of folks who find themselves in this predicament, about two out of five said they did not realize that their preparation had fallen short until it was far too late"

Let me remind you that we are talking about real people with real lives and not a single one of them intended to spend their retirement this way.

But why is this happening?

Maybe they had the wrong investment portfolios. Or perhaps they didnt save nearly enough.

Personally, I don't believe that any sane person will intentionally drop the ball when it comes to their retirement nest egg. Obviously, there may be several legitimate as well as illegitimate reasons we often find ourselves on the wrong side of our retirement financial dreams. However, in my humble opinion, most investors never take the time to answer some very simple but crucial questions that will ensure they wont end up in an unintended predicament:

Will your retirement portfolio be able to provide the needed resources to support your lifestyle? How, exactly, do you know whether your investments are headed in the right direction or not?

Keep in mind that the folks referenced in the HSBC study had substandard portfolios all along but didnt realize it until it was far too late. Maybe they were too busy? Maybe they had unskilled financial advisors. Are you really paying attention and getting the best results you possibly could for your hard-earned money?
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