Monday, January 19, 2015

Do You and Your Financial Advisor Have the Right Expectations about the Stock Market?

Do You and Your Financial Advisor Have the Right Expectations about the Stock Market?

The stock market on recent days can be described as a anything but smooth for most investors. And that's somewhat understandable, because we all want to experience the continued growth of our investments.

Most advisors, on the other hand, are scrambling to manage clients emotions vis-a-vis encouraging them to hang in there. Isn't this all too familiar? Of course it is. Its precisely what happens every single time the market enters undesirable territory.

But is this what investing in the stock market is supposed to be? An uncomfortable, highly emotional rollercoaster journey that has you living on the edge pretty much the whole time?

I believe that investing in the stock market shouldn’t be a nerve-racking ordeal. But in order to free yourself from what basically amounts to unnecessary drama, you must adhere to the scientifically proven investing approach that dictates three simple rules:

1: Avoid stock picking and focus instead on capturing market returns by building an efficient, diversified portfolio with a risk level you can live with.

2: Understand that the market will always fluctuate! Sometimes it will go up and sometimes it will dip. There’s nothing that you or anyone can do about it.

3: Use the market’s volatility to rebalance your portfolio and move on with your life.

As simple and logical as these proven rules may sound, failing to adhere to them could end up costing you countless moments of sleeplessness and unnecessary panic. 
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