Monday, September 10, 2012

There’s a 3rd (Little-Known) Approach to Investing

There’s a 3rd (Little-Known) Approach to Investing

Many Americans are under the very wrong impression that when it comes to accumulating retirement money, they have only two basic choices: (1) directly dabbling in the stock market or (2) using fixed-interest instruments like CDs or bonds.

Obviously, investing in the stock market comes with the possibility of making a boatload of money, but also the risk of losing everything. On the other hand, while the popular fixed alternatives don’t have safety issues so to speak, growth opportunities tend to be very limited. Hence the dilemma: How do you grow your nest egg at a decent rate and still protect yourself from the stock market’s risk?

Here’s the thing. Believe it or not, there’s a third approach to investing which solves this problem to a very large extent. I call it the linking strategy. Here’s how it works: First, all of your seed money is protected from Day 1, so you know you won’t lose any of your principle. Then you link the growth of your investment to the appreciation of a given stock market index up to a certain cap. So whenever the stock market/index increases, your portfolio also increases, up to your cap. The thing here is that since your money is not directly in the market, you won’t lose anything (not even a penny) when the market dips for whatever reason.

This would ensure you’re earning competitive stock market-linked returns in the good years, while completely shielding both your seed money and earnings during downturns. Powerful, isn’t it? Looking back at your own portfolio over the years, would things have been much different – in a positive way – if you had been using this approach?

I’m guessing the million dollar question on your mind right about now is: Why haven’t I heard about this option before? In fact, nine out of 10 folks I meet haven’t heard about it either, and I’m not about to start a witch hunt now to determine why that is so. Maybe the fact that a financial company (or advisor) is required to carry a specific license in order to offer this option to their clients has something to do with it.

This much I can tell you: The investment method we’re talking about here is not some fancy, exotic option reserved for a special group of investors. Over the past 17 years or so, millions of Americans from all walks of lives have used (and are still using) it to successfully grow and protect their investments – and I’m pretty sure you can, too.
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