Monday, July 30, 2012

Should "Luck" Be a Major Factor in Your Retirement Strategy?

Should “Luck” Be a Major Factor in Your Retirement Strategy?
I think most of us would agree that “good luck” is a lovely thing. However, I strongly contend that if your retirement strategy is based on good luck, alone, you should be extremely worried. Of course, I will explain myself.
But first let me define what I mean by a luck-based strategy. A strategy based on luck is one that will deliver your intended results only if luck is on your side. In other words, you just don’t know how things might turn out – everything is totally up in the air. This plan will work if the stock market does well, but if it doesn’t, you’ll find yourself in a huge pile of trouble. And guess what – we NEVER know ahead of time what the stock market will do. So why on earth would you want to base your entire retirement plan on Lady Luck?
The saddest thing is that many Americans have settled for this mediocre and unrealistic approach to retirement planning. The fact of the matter is that if all your sharp-suited financial guru can do for you is leave the certainty of your retirement plan totally up to luck, then you don’t need him/her. I think you’d agree with me that a worthwhile strategy should take into account (and have a built-in defense mechanism, so to speak) what will happen when you’re not so lucky.
Here’s a fact: whenever the stock market plummets, people with luck-based strategies lose portions (or everything) they’ve saved. However, those with realistic, common-sense strategies don’t lose a dime, because their strategies are structured to deal with the fact that sometimes the markets go down, too. To which of these two groups of retirement investors do you (or should you) belong? Would you want to have anything to do with a medical doctor who told you (either explicitly or impliedly) that if you’re lucky, the prescription they gave you would work?
Just for the record, I usually wish folks “good luck” on things like exams, dates, or other such important events, but obviously they’d better know the material for the exam or behave themselves properly on the date, right? Would be pretty dicey for them if their entire strategy was based only on my wish for their luck!
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