Monday, May 7, 2012

Are You Following "everybody else" Off a Retirement Cliff?

Are you following "everybody else" off a retirement cliff?

But I thought it was the best thing for me
because everyone around me was doing it.
Ever say (or think) something like that when you finally discovered that a product or a strategy you’d bought into wasn’t exactly as you expected?
By virtue of my practice – between the public speaking and private consultations – I interact with a fairly large number of people, most of whom are either very close to retirement age or already retired, and I tend to hear statements like the one above quite frequently from those who’ve been duped and/or disappointed by their retirement plan choices. 
It’s just human nature to feel comfortable when something we are considering is already being adopted or used by lots of people around us – which is not necessarily a bad thing, by the way. However, when it comes to your retirement money, you’re more likely to end up regretting going along with the majority. I understand that this may be a somewhat contrarian view, but I’m speaking from the real-life experiences of people just like you who I continue to meet almost daily!
If you’re interpreting this to mean that a strategy that seems to be working well for your neighbor or coworker might end up screwing up your entire retirement, then you definitely got my point. You’re not those other people, are you? I believe one of the main reasons every statistic today points to the sad reality that the overwhelming majority of Americans (a recent survey by the National Institute on Retirement Security has the figure at 84 percent) are in a bad shape retirement-wise is because “everybody” seems to be following “everybody else.” The problem is that they follow without even knowing exactly why.   
On the other hand, the “minority” who apparently are NOT doing what seems to be “popular” are ending up achieving the goal of comfortable, stress-free retirements. So, my dear retirement investor, maybe you should start entertaining the concept that being “financially UN-popular” is not such a bad idea after all.
I look forward to seeing you on the good side of the retirement spectrum!
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