Monday, March 12, 2012

The DOW, Your Financial Advisor, and Common Sense

The DOW, Your Financial Advisor, and Common Sense

I hope hard-working Americans who are trying to protect and grow their money for better retirements are paying close attention to what happened – AGAIN – this past week, and more importantly, have deduced the right lesson from it.
Tuesday, February 28th saw the “We’re back baby!” huge 13,000 DOW milestone. The inherent message: investors who are not directly invested in the stock market are missing the opportunity of a lifetime to retire wealthy. I’ll bet many received precisely those telephone calls from their brokers urging them that the time had come to dive in a little deeper.
But what was the news exactly 7 days later on March 6th? “DOW falls more than 200; worst day in 2012.”
I know you are smart and most probably know (and understand) this already, but it wouldn’t hurt to hear it again: these talking heads cannot predict the future of any stock market – not today, tomorrow, or any day in the future. The best ANYONE can do is play Monday morning quarterback. So do yourself a huge favor and invest based on reality.
And the reality is that these so-called prediction experts have always gotten it wrong about the stock market – so why should you listen to them now? If my financial advisor seemed to always follow the current trend, I’d be very concerned, because that’s a bright red flag that he or she isn’t sure about exactly how to secure my future. Upon second thought, why should I spend any time being concerned when I could fire them and hire someone with some common sense?
Investing isn’t exactly rocket science, but as it turns out, common sense isn’t so common these days. My hope is that you don’t have to learn the difference the hard way.
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