Monday, February 20, 2012

Answer This Question and You're SET for Retirement!

Answer This Question and You’re SET for Retirement!

A few years back, when Amy – my now 12-year-old daughter (who’d rather have me tell you that she’s almost 13) – was 7 or 8 years old, we were driving somewhere, and as you may expect for a girl of the age, she was chatting me up.

Although I don’t remember exactly where we were headed, I vividly remember where we were and the question she asked me out of nowhere: “Daddy, what’s retirement?” Apparently, someone was eavesdropping on some of my audio works or taking a peak at my gazillion books and newspaper/magazine columns on this subject.

One part of my brain wondered, “Where did that question come from?” while the other part was, of course, trying to figure out an answer she’d understand, because I wasn’t ready to lose my daddy-knows-everything status just yet. Little did I know that I’d come up with one of the best answers to a question that, quite frankly, I haven’t really thought about – even though I had been helping clients to get there successfully for many years. My answer? “Retirement is when you stop working.”

“Cool,” she replied, and then followed up with this: “Daddy, then just do retirement so that you don’t have to work anymore!” That’s pretty cute, right? Now let me ask YOU just one question:

Your retirement is certain to arrive
one day (if it’s not already here)
and will last for as long as you do,
so is your source of retirement income
equally as CERTAIN?

Most Americans make the terrible mistake of thinking that just because they are saving money or that they have some money saved that it will be there when the time comes. The fact is that some investment vehicles have those guarantees, but many don’t.

If you were to ask me to help you prepare for retirement, I wouldn’t want to take the gamble that you might retire very wealthy IF everything turned out as planned. Meanwhile, you could end up completely broke, should the stock market plummet just before you were about to retire. You could even wind up in dire circumstances if the market took a dive many years before your retirement and you were not able to “recover”.

You see, I prefer to be realistic and guarantee you, my client, that your money will be there to provide you the income you need for as long as your retirement lasts, regardless of whether the stock market is up or down – rather than bet the certainty of your retirement on hope or the probability that you’ll be okay. As fate would have it, the clock never misses a beat, so your retirement is guaranteed to be arrive, come what may.

Of course it’s your money and your retirement, so you should choose to invest it whichever way you’d prefer. I just wanted to give you some practical food for thought.

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