Monday, January 30, 2012

Your Retirement Outlook: Is It Going or Coming?

Your Retirement Outlook: Is It Going or Coming?
The National Institute on Retirement Security recently published the results of a study it conducted in a report titled Pensions and Retirement Security 2011 with the following key finding:

When it comes to retirement, Americans continue to have high anxiety. An overwhelming majority of Americans are anxious about their retirement prospects. Some 84 percent are concerned that current economic conditions are impacting their ability to achieve a secure retirement…

While this is extremely unfortunate, scary, and sad, to say the least, it doesn’t surprise me one bit. Actually I’d have been surprised to hear otherwise (and not because I don’t want everyone to have a blissful retirement). The thing is, certain principles in life will always hold true, regardless of whether it is a popular view or not.
It is no secret that a whole lot of people tend to follow the advice of conventional financial planners who believe that insofar as you pick the “right” mutual funds or stocks “over the long haul,” everything will come together well for you in the end.
So how’s that strategy working for 84 percent of Americans today? Or did they just pick the wrong funds? Let’s not forget that many of these perplexed investors have followed their financial advisors’ every suggestion for all these years – to no avail, because most of that advice, although well intentioned, amounts to little more than complete myths.
On the other hand, though, some investors wouldn’t give anyone with even a slightly different point of view a hearing chance. In such a case, when you do the same thing as everyone else, how could one possibly expect to have an outcome that’s any different from the same cookie-cutter challenges that keep befalling people time and time again?
May I suggest you try this?
If you have any doubts at all about your future retirement security, please visit with an advisor who has real-life clients living the dream you desire – obviously, his or her ideas must have WORKED. While I’m not suggesting that different may necessarily be better for you, note that in this instance better must be different.
Let me end with one of Albert Einstein’s popular quotes: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
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