Monday, October 10, 2011

Steve Jobs Reminded Us to Focus on What's REALLY Important

Steve Jobs Reminded Us to Focus on What's REALLY Important

Yet another detour from the financial fiction series – we’ll continue with the series next week.
The reason for the detour is because I’d like to dedicate today’s column to the amazing and – in my opinion – unparalleled memory of one of the greatest, smartest success stories of our generation, a man who changed the face of life/communication as we knew it, revolutionizing everything for the much, much better. Yet in the midst of his remarkable achievements, he stayed as humble as one could be – a true icon and, personally, my inspiration in business ethics, ingenuity, resilience, and true success.
I am talking about the late Steve Jobs, who sadly passed away last Thursday, October 5. I was very much saddened when that evening’s newscast was interrupted with the breaking news of his death. But then I was reminded of the fact that that’s exactly how life is, so we must all strive to give it our very best shot, regardless of the circumstance we happen to find ourselves in. We must follow our passion like there’s no tomorrow and, indeed, live everyday like it were our very last day on this planet.

One question that came to me, and which you may have heard several times already, is: If you knew you were going to take your last breath in a matter days, what would you do? I’m sure most of us would answer that question with an answer like, “Focus on what is really important.” But what is really important to you? Have you really thought about that? If it’s people, do they know (and I mean really know) that they are that important to you? Do your words and deeds reflect that on a continuous basis?

Moments like this always remind me of a life – and death – lesson I learned from a mentor many years ago. Back then, he put it this way:
·        We’ll all die one day.
·        In most instances, our death will happen at the most inconvenient time.
·        Our time of death will either be before or after we have retired.

Think about that for a moment, and then start doing whatever it is that you’ve been putting off – that thing you know will positively impact mankind in your own small way.
My prayers and thoughts go out to Mr. Jobs’ family. May his soul rest in peace.
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