Monday, March 21, 2011

The Only Sure Way to End Your Retirement Financial Woes

The Only Sure Way to End Your Retirement Financial Woes

One study after another reveals that a large majority of Americans face serious predicaments in their abilities to sustain themselves financially during retirement: from those who are beyond the usual retirement age and cannot retire although they want to, to those who have to come out of retirement to start working again, just so they can get by, to those who are a few to several years away, but know that with things the way they are, they are headed in the wrong direction, to those who are OK in retirement today but know that they might run out of money sooner or later.

If you belong in any of these categories or have just about any financial worries regarding your retirement, today is your lucky day, because I’ve got the one and only solution you need – no kidding! Before I proceed, though, let me caution you that as always, I am going to be candid, so you need to buckle up!

You see the thing is, you – or anyone who’s not satisfied or sees some form of a threat in their retirement plan – face the same common problem: your existing setup is flawed! That’s genius, right? If the plan were good, you wouldn’t have been concerned to begin with. Therefore, the solution to every retirement financial woe can be found in this quote attributed to Albert Einstein: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Stated in my own words, your only solution is CHANGE!!! Genius again!

Your only shot at fixing your situation is to look for a better alternative that is legal, realistic, makes sense, and is proven to have worked. Note here that I’m not saying that the better alternative should be something you already know about. In real life, chances are good that you wouldn’t know about it, because if you did and you are still in this current situation, that would be saying a whole other thing about you, wouldn’t it? I know you are smarter than this, but there are folks who are dissatisfied (and keep wailing every day) about their present retirement picture, but who at the same time are unwilling (or at least act that way) to do anything different. And they wouldn’t even take a closer look at something they don’t already know about. I wish every retirement investor would memorize Marshall Thurber’s statement that while different isn’t always better, better on the other hand is always different!

Being dissatisfied, scared, perplexed, unhappy, and complaining about something is a complete waste of precious time and energy if you don’t take action to change your desired outcome. Stop complaining and start changing! And oh, about the genius thing, Josh Billings said “Genius ain’t anything more than elegant commonsense.”
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