Monday, December 27, 2010

2011 Best Picks … if You Intend to Keep Your Roller-Coaster Investing Dilemma Intact

2011 Best Picks … if You Intend to Keep Your Roller-Coaster Investing Dilemma Intact
I am fully aware of the sarcastic nature of the headline, but in this instance, that seems the best way to get my message across. I’ll wait to see what you think after reading.

Right about now, almost every financial show, magazine, guru, blog, and what-have-you is offering investors advice about the products and places in which they should put their money so that they can become rich in 2011! I’m sure you've seen references to those hand-picked funds where all you have to do is purchase – and then start planning how you’ll live wealthily ever after, haven't you?

Depending on how you define smart, I may not be the smartest cookie around - but I have a ton of common sense. So perhaps I’m missing something in this regard, but here are two simple reasons I believe any serious person should not waste their valuable time, effort, or money on these so-called best picks.

Reason #1: There’s only one predictable thing about the stock market, and YOU already know what it is: the stock market will continue to fluctuate up and down. No one can predict exactly where it is headed next. I mean, if you seriously think about it, where have these prediction gods been these past couple years while folks were taking a spanking with their portfolios?

My guess is that they have always been around, introducing unsuspecting, naïve investors to “smoking hot picks” that turned out not to be so hot after all. Before you fall for any of these (in my opinion) silly moves, do yourself a big favor and look at how your favorite expert's most recent "best picks" are doing today, just for track-record purposes to see how smart their advice really was. What kinds of testimonials do you have from folks who are actually getting anywhere financially by following these “smoking hot” leads?

Reason #2: All of these experts would rather be retired, enjoying their ultra-wealthy status, than marketing to YOU. Something also tells me that if these prediction experts really knew what the heck it was that would make you a gazillion bucks tomorrow, they’d have used those abilities to make fortunes for themselves, too. In which case, they’d be so super rich that they’d probably be retired to their own private islands, cruising the open waters, and drinking an endless supply of piña coladas. They're not doing that, though, are they? No - they are working for their paychecks by showing you the “best picks,” which change from year to year.

I could be absolutely wrong, but common sense, the facts on the ground, and reality tell me otherwise. I won't deny that it's possible to become rich overnight, but from what I have seen, most folks only build true, lasting wealth over time, with a real plan and the assistance of a professional with a proven track record.

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Wishing you a safe, happy, and prosperous New Year!

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