Monday, May 31, 2010

If the Stock Market is Depleting Your Investments, Your Strategy Is WRONG

If the Stock Market is Depleting Your Investments, Your Strategy Is WRONG

Let me first agree with the fact that our economy and stock market – and the global ones as well, in some respects – are not in a good shape, at present.

But here is what I find fascinating: investors like you are made to erroneously believe that, given the current economic situation and wild rides of the stock market, the evaporation of investment values is understandable – and, worse – unavoidable. Haven’t you heard so-called expert after expert, advisor after advisor (probably yours included), and one publication after the other creating that impression? The thing is, this impression is completely bogus and false. Personally, I believe the problem boils down to one thing.

How Realistic and Savvy Is Your Financial Advisor?

As pointed out by famed investor Warren Buffet, “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.” In effect, the economic/stock market meltdown will do just that, exposing those investors with unrealistic and unsustainable strategies. How does yours stack up?

As an investor, would you place your nest egg into an investment if your advisor told you that it would do great as long as the economy/market did well, but was SURE to wither up your investment, without any limitations, should the economy fall into a recession? Savvy investors would have nothing to do with such an investment strategy!

The reality is that the economy and the stock market will do well sometimes and perform poorly at other times. That’s the nature of the process. No expert knew the market would crash in September 2008, and today the market is again struggling. My point is, the market goes up and comes down. And since we cannot ever know in advance when the ups and downs will occur, it makes sense to purse a simple, proven strategy I recommend which:

• Guarantees that your portfolio will not lose value as a result of stock market declines.
• When times are good and the markets are performing well, allows you to earn interest based on a stock market index – up to a predetermined cap.

Just imagine where your own nest egg – as well as those of the millions of other devastated investors – would be today if they had followed our counsel.

Frankly speaking, many investors seem to be following advisors who naively believe it’s okay to speculate and WISH it’ll all end up well when they’re finally ready to retire. How can I respond to that, except to say that it just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever! Don’t you agree?

As we celebrate Memorial Day, all of us here at Laser Financial would like to applaud and honor the heroism of those who have risked their lives and fallen, as well as those who continue to fight to protect our nation and freedom.

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