Saturday, May 2, 2009

Remember Stewart vs. Cramer? Someone Was Left Out

Whoa! On the March 12, 2009, episode of "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart - for lack of a better word - hammered Jim Cramer of CNBC's "Mad Money." My regular readers can probably guess my reaction. For those of you with short memories (or who somehow missed the brouhaha), this statement sums up Stewart's entire point:

"I understand that you want to make finance
entertaining, but it's not a ... game."
I really, really wish I could emphasize the missing word indicated by the ellipsis in that statement, but this is a family blog.

Watch the clip yourself and you can fill in all the blanks.

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Here are my thoughts on the Stewart-Cramer conflict, and the crisis to which they were referring:

  1. Aren't we supposed to be living in the land of freedom, where we are all accountable for our own actions? Why in the world should poor Jim Cramer take all the blame? I'm sure if I were on Cramer's show selling a stock, he would insist, "Buy, buy, buy - right now!"

  2. Don't folks know that stocks roller-coaster? And always will? And don't they realize that our self-proclaimed prediction gods - or rather, devils - are worthless, at best?

  3. What about all the other "Cramers"? These so-called "experts" that surround us? The newspaper articles, websites, and blogs that rain down Cramer-like advice by the second? I suppose we could argue that they are exercising their freedom of advice, and the public should likewise exercise their freedom of choice to tune them out.

  4. Have we learned anything at all? Or are we simply awaiting the next catastrophe that will give another pundit or expert the chance to rally us to do something against our own best interest so that Jon Stewart can invite that person on his show and entertain us some more?


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  1. I think people are learning more and more each day, especially those who have access to your blog. This video is great Sam.

  2. couldn't agree more. we all have personal responsiblities BUT professionals are suppossed to be guiding us not messing us up. keep up your excellent education.

  3. I Like the way Stewart puts it;"There is the real market and the unreal market" In my opinion Cramer is either Playing the game or all he know is the game. This is very interesting, great review Sam.
    SM. MD.

  4. I wish those who mislead investors are punished by the authorities. But I guess we also have to be careful I guess. that's why everyone needs to be honest in whatever profession they are in.

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