Monday, February 23, 2009

Does Money Provide TRUE Happiness?

I am a believer in a concept pioneered by Lee Brower of Empowered Wealth, LC called “True Wealth.” Lee teaches that there are 3 fascinating but little known facts:

  1. In life, there’s “True Wealth” and “False Wealth”

  2. False Wealth is seductive but has no real or lasting power.

  3. True Wealth is one of the greatest powers on earth when harnessed and employed correctly.

Having said that let me share with you what separates our firm from the rest of the industry. We understand that, tactical financial strategies in themselves; will not provide overall happiness for clients. We believe that financial assets make up only 25 percent of one’s TOTAL assets. AND, they are NOT the most important asset. YES! I just said your money and things are not your most important assets.

The Bigger Picture

How would you answer this question? What are the most important assets that you posses?

The overwhelming majority of folks answer by saying “my husband, wife, kids, family, and health.” They do not answer - my house, car, stocks or bonds.

In fact, most people when faced with the choice would give up their financial assets for their families and health. I believe it’s because they know that, they can regain all the material possessions if they have strong relationships and good health. On the other hand, the reverse is NOT true.

Here are the other three categories:

  • Human - (family, health, values),
  • Intellectual - (experiences, knowledge, reputation)
  • Contribution - (charities, foundations, taxes)

True Wealth Encompasses ALL Assets NOT just Money:

Our firm believes that financial planning should be a holistic approach. We, therefore, teach our clients to ‘pull’ from these four categories in order to enjoy a more balanced, fulfilling life.

People, who ignore their health and just focus on building wealth, usually end up later in life spending all that wealth trying to re-gain their health.

How about those who ignore ethical behavior in their quest to amass wealth? (And some build tremendous amounts of wealth and popularity). Later on, they usually lose everything in a split second - when they get exposed. (Have you followed the news lately?)

There are some who just focus on their money and ignore building strong family relationships. They usually end up regretting it when it is too late. Most people agree that money cannot and should not replace relationships, families, values and health.

We should all Live, Learn, Give and then Earn in order to realize true fulfillment. This in my opinion is the only means by which we can achieve clarity, balance, focus, true wealth and happiness. GOOD LUCK!

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